Heather + Eric
Carlisle, Pennsylvania Wedding

Heather and Eric were two of the nicest, most relaxed people I ever had the chance to work with. Heather was VERY organized as a bride and truly knew what she wanted for her special day. Whenever you work with two people who are very organized and very relaxed, it allows us to work even harder to make sure their film reflects that. They got married at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the venue was beautiful. All of the decor matched perfectly and they customized almost everything which made it so much more unique and special. There was a very nice location near by that we had the chance to get some great B-roll shots at. I’m so excited to share with everyone, Heather and Eric’s big day!

Director/Dp: Jarrett Juran
Editor: Jarrett Juran
Cameras: Jarrett Juran, Bradley Gillespie

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